Welcome to our Lagos apartment information page
Why rent our apartment? Wake up and have the sea, beach and waves outside your window. Everything the Algarve has to offer, right in front of you? Then this apartment is your ideal choice. With top quality furnishings, including high beds that will give you direct views over the sea, this apartment is located right in Lagos town centre, facing the well-known Batata Beach, the Fort and the local Avenida. To go to the beach you only need to cross the street. It’s luxuriously equipped with every appliance you will need to have a quality and amazing holiday. On the left side of the block you have Lagos town Garden, with its extended patches of grass, monuments, seats and beautiful locations to take amazing pictures. Through the garden you will have access to several squares, fountains and restaurants, as well as the rest of the city. If you prefer to go to the 4km long golden Meia Praia (beach) in front of the property you will find small a boat that will take you directly to Meia Praia. It’s 1 minute walk away from the apartment. Or walk round by the Marina it just takes 20 minutes. The obvious reason why people visit the Algarve is the beaches that are amongst the best in the world and visitors to this area are spoilt for choice. Lagos has a very large beach and our apartment has spectacular view across the beaches and sea from every window. There are many great beaches to east & west of Lagos. To get to these, you have to take a taxi or drive, but it is worth the trip. Many beaches have clusters of beach bars and restaurants for sitting back and taking in the rays! Our apartment has many comforts that you would expect in your own home e.g. leather suite, modern kitchen & bathrooms, DVD film store and TV’s in living room and both bedrooms. Broadband fast internet and desk computer and free Wi-Fi. The kitchen is fully equipped with modern appliances. Our aim is to make your stay unforgettable. We rely on your recommendations! The accommodation consists of: 2 Bedroom, one of them en-suite 2 Bathrooms Sleeps five people 2 Balconies seats 6 maximum. Leather sofa’s Built in kitchen appliances, dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, freezer and hob Spacious, bright and sunny rooms with blinds Air Conditioning in living area and both bedrooms Fast Internet with free Wi-Fi and desktop computer Large screen TV in Living room with over 100 film store box, smart TV and over 100 channel internet TV Both bedrooms have large TV’s with film store boxes Underground parking spot (1 car) with lift direct to our apartment